Ben Patterson

Lytics Orchestration

The next generation of digital marketing.

There are a lot of digital marketing campaign tools out there. One thing they have in common is that they use heuristic, rule-based logic to determine when a customer will get a particular campaign. Lytics Orchestrate was a new take on this idea that grouped a bunch of campaigns together and used a machine learning model to decide which one to deliver. The only things a marketer needs to define are the conversion events that divide each group of campaigns.

This product also included cross-platform reporting for each marketing campaign.


If I was going to redesign this product today, I would use a different primary metaphor for the canvas. The canvas view used a scrum-style workflow metaphor, with columns that represented each major step in a conversion funnel. This makes sense to software engineers and designers, but not as much sense to marketers. They would be more comfortable with something that outwardly appears like their familiar marketing campaign tools.

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